World League Baseball

World League Baseball 1.0

Mobile baseball game with an international flavor


  • Smart graphics
  • Exhibition or league modes
  • Player stats and form guides
  • Precise control system


  • Not real players
  • No two-player mode

Very good

Your mission in World League Baseball is to become the best baseball team on the planet.

World League Baseball is a great looking mobile baseball sim where you compete against a smart AI to become the best. There are two different game modes - exhibition and league. Each allows you to select to play as one of six different countries, and has three levels of difficulty. You can also select the number of innings and choose between automatic or manual defense.

You control both the pitchers and the batters in World League Baseball and you get plenty of control over them. Using the number pad you can select the direction you will hit the ball, if you're batting; and the type of ball you want to throw, if you're a pitcher. World League Baseball's on-screen tutorials explain exactly what all the controls are.

To succeed in World League Baseball you also need to manage your team effectively. There are plenty of player stats to peruse, and you should take into account a batter or pitcher's form before adding them to your line-up. Unfortunately, all the player names are made-up, so there are no real stars of US baseball teams in the game.

It's a shame you can't play World League Baseball against your friends, but as a one-player baseball game it's pretty enjoyable.

World League Baseball


World League Baseball 1.0

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